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ICYMI: Workshop on How to Sell at Pop-ups & Farmers Markets

Did you miss our January workshop? Every winter, we host a lively panel discussion where the pros explain what it takes to sell artisanal food at farmers markets, pop-ups, and events. This year – our fifth – Dawn Estrada of Cake Jars and Rashida Sawyer of Shi’s Cakes & Things shared their experience vending at Smorgasburg, the Columbus Circle Holiday Market, and different types of NJ farmers markets. On the organizer side, Lisa Szulewksi of South Orange Downtown and Chris Cirkus of the West Windsor Community Farmers Market gave a peek behind the management scenes. Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • The application process – what it’s like, and what food entrepreneurs need to know
  • How managers decide who sells at their events
  • What it’s really like behind the table, and tips for success
  • How to deal with customers, harsh weather, and other surprises
  • Insider info on equipment, prep, inventory, and how to make the most of it

We run workshops like this all the time – online classes built to help small food businesses succeed. Check our listings to see what’s coming up next in The Formula at Garden State Kitchen.

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