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Black History Month in the Kitchen

While there are many Black-owned food businesses at Garden State Kitchen, we want to highlight two members who cooked in the kitchen this month. In honor of Black History Month, meet vegan chefs and lifestyle coaches Plant Based Planet, and Bro-Ritos, a growing company with iconic green food trucks and incredible burritos.

Plant Based Planet

Plant Based Planet

Plant Based Planet is a famliy-run business that helps customers transition to and maintain a vegan lifestyle. With an eye toward health and longevity, they focus on the Black community, though they work with everyone. They prepare meals at Garden State Kitchen that are delicious and nutritious, and support new vegan clients with cooking classes, guidance on grocery shopping, and private holistic health coaching sessions.


The guys at Bro-Ritos run a Mexican fast-casual food truck business, but when they need room to prep for a large corporate event, they work at Garden State Kitchen. Renting additional space gives them the ablility to quickly reach new customers in more locations without the expense of immediately opening a kitchen of their own. When the weather warms up, look for their bright green trucks at festivals and events across the state, but be willing to wait. There’s always a line.

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