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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work for Angel Planet Foods

It was not until the pandemic that Angel Planet Foods owner Zheng Song found time to start the vegetarian food business she’d been dreaming of. Zheng grew up in China and came to the US for college. She returned to China with her family for four years and developed a passion for Asian vegetarian cuisines while traveling throughout Asia.

Further inspired by her daughters’ love of animals and vegetarian dinners at her friend Archana’s house, she signed on at the Food Innovation Center at Rutgers University. From there, she worked with Archana and launched a collection of vegetarian and plant-based products and became part of the Garden State Kitchen community.

Zheng continues to develop a team to create, produce and sell premade dinner products based on Asian cuisines. While all products are vegetarian and made fresh each week with all-natural ingredients, some are vegan and organic. All products are packaged in eco-friendly containers reflecting her family’s commitment to health and a sustainable future.

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