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New Workshops! The Formula @ Garden State Kitchen is Back

The Formula is back and better than ever! We’re partnering with Rising Tide Capital for a new three-week virtual workshop series made just for small food businesses. Join us:

7/6 – Week 1: How to Launch a Food Business in NJ – Want to start a food business, but not sure where to begin? You need more than an online checklist. This workshop details not only what you have to do, but why each step is important, and how it will help you grow your business into the future. Registration, licensing, insurance, naming, branding, and the elements of a food business plan will all be covered.

7/13 – Week 2: How to Work Profitably in Commercial Kitchens – Learn what it’s really like to move from home to a professional kitchen and discover some tricks of the trade to save time – and money – while you are cooking. We’ll also discuss pricing and profitability. Templates for recipe costing and tracking operational expenses will be provided.

7/20 – Week 3: How, When & Where to Start Selling Your Food – Ready to move beyond catering or baking for friends and fundraisers? Tired of giving it away for free? Learn what it really takes to start selling your food online, at farmers markets, specialty shops and special events. Applications, networking, packaging, and logistics will be discussed.

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