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Entrepreneur Feature: BELLEJOHNS’ SOUL FOOD

There’s a Long Line at BelleJohns’ Soul Food, But it’s Worth the Wait The line in front of BelleJohns’ Soul Food is always long, but customers are willing to wait. “They have a lot of options around Military Park and South Orange,” chef and owner Jewel Domino says, “but they know I use high quality […]

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Entrepreneur Feature: JAVA’S COMPOST

Going Green is Easy with Java’s Compost This month, we talked to Java and Michelle Bradley, the West Orange duo behind Java’s Compost. While they don’t cook at Garden State Kitchen, they are here in spirit every day. Last month, we were one of the first businesses to sign up for their new green waste […]

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Monday is Prep Day for So Fresh So Clean If it’s Monday, there’s a good chance you’ll find Steven Cortopassi and Gina Hascup, the entrepreneurs behind So Fresh So Clean Meal Prep, hustling in one of our catering kitchens. Gina stands at the prep table chopping bell peppers, the slices falling into a neat green line […]


Entrepreneur Feature: PAMELA BEARDSLEE

Meet Garden State Kitchen member Pamela Beardslee, the entrepreneur behind Puras Paletas, a gourmet ice pop company focusing on pure ingredients. Here’s her story. Puras Paletas – Gourmet Ice Pops Loaded with Latin Flavor Coming up with the concept for her artisan ice pops, Pamela leaned on her roots. “I have the culture and passion […]

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Entrepreneur Feature: DAN LIPOW

Those of you who spend time at the kitchen, may have started seeing this month’s entrepreneur feature around lately. Dan Lipow is not only a unique entrepreneur with an incredible story, but he is Garden State Kitchen’s first full-time tenant! Dan recently set up his business The Foraged Feast, in one of the front spaces […]

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Entrepreneur Feature: JENNY BELLIVEAU

Each month we feature a different food entrepreneur. This month’s feature, Jenny Belliveau, owner of A Butter Life, really opened up to us about everything from her start in media and video production through her decision to change her career, to her fears and how she works through them, to what inspires her and keeps […]

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Entrepreneur Feature: LAIQUAN HARVEY-DAVIS

This month we are excited to feature Garden State Kitchen’s newest member Laiquan Harvey-Davis, founder of How Delish HD. It’s been great seeing Laiquan around the kitchen, and boy does she make the place smell amazing! We were lucky enough to have time to sit down and talk with her this past week to learn […]

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